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That same year, he met his first wife, Margurite Byrd. King erupted but only in moments. Eventually, some giant bananas are brought in by Sweetums.

He left high school to serve in the U. Ah, it was a wonderful euphoric feeling, to all of a sudden get up one day and say, Yeah, I'm really tough. My wife and I were there and we, you know, the tears came and welled up but there was not much time for that part of it. King was very much on the table.

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I was about to ask, when we lost him, do you remember the assassination. That was a big, that was a very difficult hurdle. It was clearly illegal. Can you give any sense of how diverse the elements were that people tried to get, why Gary was such a shining moment in a way. During this time Belafonte continued to record, and his notable albums include Swing Dat Hammerfor which he received a Grammy Award for best folk performance.

Clearly that group was, was, was more persuasive, that position was more. Belafonte was also an ambassador for the Bahamas. Anybody who is in motion to save this planet and was in motion to make a difference in the lives of human beings and how we come to a greater truth about Henry belafonte all, will be the ones who will be in the final analysis, I think, the ones most remembered or the ones most revered.

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King gave us, what Stokely Carmichael gave it, or Malcolm X gave it, everybody gave us. When Schwerner, Goodman and Chaney were discovered missing presumed murdered, before that information had become fully ah, ah, be-before it had been evident, I mean before, before all the facts had fallen into place, ah, I was called by Jim Foreman and, ah, Jim said, we were at the tail end of the summer, three civil rights workers are missing, ah, all the students are going to go back to campus.

Ah, ah, so that our mix in that was for some of us quite traditional. Though the book is entitled My Song, the film and its musical companion both bear the name Sing Your Song. But there were others who saw in it a time that, that, that it could be manipulated. One of the songs included in the album is the now famous " Banana Boat Song " listed as "Day O" on the original releasewhich reached number five on the pop charts, and featured its signature lyric "Day-O".

I believe that those of us who have this experience are the richer for Henry belafonte. His album Midnight Special included a young harmonica player named Bob Dylan. Would there be a concert.

You know their position was, how in the name of God can you be asking the federal government to give us all the resources we require to change the domestic situation here at home and at the same time violate, ah, their, their foreign policy, ah, put them to the mat on an issue that is at the nerve center, the very heart of this country, ah, at best they're going to be viewed as unpatriotic in having ceased to hurt the country in its most vulnerable moment and at worst what you're going to do is to have such a backlash from people that, ah, Blacks will be further back than they had ever been before.

The ongoing struggle to improve the lives of African Americans and blacks throughout the world occupied a great deal of his time and attention.

Ah, he put impotency aside for a lot of us, ah, ah, and that made people very heady. So, I, I arranged for a plane and all kinds of things to give Coretta mobility and to give others mobility, so that people would, in the midst of the grief, still be committed to the movement and to see that the fallen Dr.

There's a whole misappropriation here. Bushhis administration and the Iraq War. It represented a certain kind of psychological aggression. Ah, and, when I thought about all the places in which that could possibly be done, for me to do it in Africa and to be able to take, at, at, at their selection, a group to Africa, to just go to stretch out, to become part of an African environment in the country that was noted for its political progress and for its ideas in where it was going, ah, I then took this fund raising moment to raise additional funds, ah, that I then gave to SNCC.

So we had to do what we could do to sort out those whom were going to be the manipulators, those who had to be put in place immediately to help move on with the Poor People's Campaign and a host of other issues, ah, ah, and for a personal, private conversation that I had with Coretta King to talk with her about going to Memphis, to being there, to picking up with the garbage workers and to carry on the campaign in just a matter of two days later, ah, two or three days.

And your apology comes a hundred years too late. And it has in, in, in, in very profound and, and, and meaningful ways, changed very little.

But you have to understand that we were busy supplying money to so many levels of the movement that it was becoming more and more difficult to find sources, ah, to give.

Ah, at the end of that meeting, when everybody had left, Dr. I had always been aware of it but I never saw it display itself quite the way it did when the word Black power came up and it was a unifying, it was a, a very strange, unifying thing.

I think he's, he knows that no one will ever be that. It was around a young man by the name of Bob Zellner who was a White member of SNCC and had certainly evidenced his deep commitment to the struggle and his willingness to go wherever anyone else went in the quest for, ah, ah, the end to racism.

I'm having a bath.

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Ah, find a safe phone, give me the number. Jul 29,  · The ongoing feud of social responsibility by minorities in Hollywood got more fuel this past weekend when Jay-Z commented on the lashed out from Harry Belafonte on Jay-Z and Beyonce’s charity work in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter in August of last year.

Harry Belafonte tells crowd at likely last public appearance: 'We shall overcome'

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Harry Belafonte - Coconut Woman. Frankie Laine - High Noon (Do Not Forsake Me). HARRY BELAFONTE: When it first arrived on the scene in its full blown infancy, so to speak. By that I mean, there always had been a quest for power, the whole struggle in the Civil Rights Movement was, was a constant reflection, of, ah, a certain amount of powerlessness that, ah, was, that had permeated through Black life, Black culture, Black.

Harry Belafonte has worn many hats in his 84 years: recording artist, film star, civil rights crusader, tireless humanitarian.

Though he gracefully and modestly bowed out of performing some years back with little fanfare, Belafonte has returned to the spotlight this month to narrate a documentary on his life and author an autobiography.

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